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President's Speech

Founded in 2003, Yameng Company’s main business scope include indoor and outdoor cleaning and decoration, decoration design, partition, and steel-structure construction. The Company has 350 employees, with 61 employees with professional titles, 58 engineering technicians, and 10 first-class architects. The Company has the following construction certification: specialized contract of architectural decoration and finishing projects (first-class); specialized contract of curtain wall projects(second-class); specialized contract of steel-structure manufacturing and installation projects (second-class); specialized contract of mechanical and electric equipment installation projects (second-class); contract of metal door and window projects (second-class), and specialized contract of air cleaning projects (second-class).

The Company always upholds the management aim of “come from the society, serve the society, contribute for the society”,and endeavors to practice and advocate the principle of “integrity management,customer driven, and quality first” which makes the enterprise exist and prosperous, and energetically implements the development strategy of“strengthening Yameng through talents, optimizing Yameng through management,and prolonging Yameng through innovation”; at present, the Company has established a perfect systematic management system and reasonable employment mechanism, the Company’s learning atmosphere is increasingly intense and its innovative ability increasingly improved, the Company has taken a  road of scientific development as alarge-scale, diversified and intensive modern enterprise.

“The first-class enterprises sell their cultures, the second-class ones sell their brands, and the third-class ones sell their products”. In order to build Yameng Company as a first-class enterprise, we will spare no efforts to enhance the corporate culture construction, create the brand of “Yameng”, and take the road of powerful country in culture.

“If an enterprise intends to get developed,talent is the key”. In order to realize the Company’s comprehensive,coordinated, rapid and sustainable development, we always insist on the employment philosophy of “not require to own, but to use; not require to be present, but to do something”, seek out able men and receive them, and provide vast performance stage for the employees. We welcome the interested elites to join Yameng Company.

Here, I sincerely thank the leaders atvarious levels and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Yameng!

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